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8 Qualities Every Great Realtor Values

8 Qualities Every Great Realtor Values

Smart home buyers and sellers know how important a professional Realtor is to navigating the real estate process. Online research may point you in the right direction, but only a great Realtor can steer you to the finish line successfully.

These days many people start their real estate search by visiting open houses or browsing the internet, but most consumers eventually rely on a professional Realtor. Unfortunately, there are real estate agents who don’t know the business, don’t know the market, and don’t know how to put the client’s needs first. Expensive advertising may catch your attention, but it’s no guarantee of a quality agent.

A great Realtor can make all the difference, that’s why it’s essential to choose the right one from the start. When you’re ready to start your real estate journey, find a Realtor who values these 8 important qualities, and is committed to partnering with you to the end of the road.

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Communication is the key to almost every aspect of a successful real estate transaction. The dialogue should be open and honest, even when the news is something you’d rather not hear. A good Realtor knows every detail of the real estate transaction and is on top of the information, passing it to you in a timely manner so you can respond accordingly.

Your Realtor should also be able to communicate well with other people and smoothly facilitate conversations between all parties. Make sure your Realtor is comfortable speaking with:

  • Realtors
  • Appraisers
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Inspectors
  • Potential buyers and sellers


Some buyers and sellers prefer a lot of hand-holding, others simply want the job done. Some appreciate an enthusiastic and high-energy Realtor who is comfortable making a personal connection, while others would prefer a strictly professional, business-like approach to every interaction.

Regardless of the type of buyer or seller you are or want to portray, make sure you find a Realtor who is willing to give you what you want. The process can be difficult enough without having to deal with a Realtor who simply doesn’t ‘get’ you.

Finding the right Realtor is about more than just the current transaction. Your Realtor may become very close to you during the process, and that connection could be the start of a long-term friendship or business relationship in the future.

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 Dialed In

Many consumers look to large firms and big names to find a Realtor, believing that the resources of a large company will serve them best. However, the marketing strategy of a big firm is only as good as the Realtor who knows how to use it.

Great agents know how to use the right tools to market your property, whether those tools are provided by a company or utilized by an independent agent who knows the market well. Good Realtors don’t rely on the reputation of the company, they build their own, and then make that reputation work for you.

cloud technology for real estate

 Local Knowledge

Understanding the local market is essential in real estate. You want a Realtor who has knowledge of comparable properties, and isn’t using a cookie cutter formula to determine listing price.

A Realtor who can walk you through the recent listings and provide insight about pricing and marketing is invaluable. Find someone with comprehensive knowledge of the local market who knows what sells and knows how to make your home fit the bill.

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Realtors should be proactive throughout the real estate transaction. Following up on potential leads, taking the initiative to seek out new properties to view, and providing adequate information to clients is something every good Realtor values. Find a Realtor who doesn’t need constant follow-up in order to get the job done.

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An organized and detail-oriented Realtor is a must for every client wanting a successful transaction. A Realtor who knows how to keep things in line is better able to serve you and will keep the process running smoothly.

Realtors who are on top of the game know how to properly market your home’s features. You’ve spent a lot of time crafting your message, and a good Realtor will get your message to the right people the first time.

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 Clear Expectations

It is important that expectations are clear and reasonable. Your Realtor should know which questions to ask in the beginning so everyone is on the same page moving forward.

Be wary of agents who promise the best possible outcome. There are many variables to be managed during the home buying and selling process, and even the most experienced Realtor is unable to predict everything. When the unexpected occurs, you want a Realtor who will discuss potential scenarios with you, even if it means the best decision is letting a transaction fall apart.


If you are researching a new Realtor, try to connect with the agent’s past clients. A Realtor unwilling to provide this information should be a big red flag. With a little online research, you can uncover your Realtor’s:

If your Realtor has a basic online presence, you can find what you need to make an informed decision.

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Navigating the real estate process can be confusing no matter how much research you do. Choosing a Realtor is the first, and most important step in a successful real estate transaction. Despite the wealth of information about how to pick the best Realtor, deciding can be stressful and interviewing agents can be very time consuming.

Feel free to contact me or go to LinkingHouse Real Estate website and let us do the hard work for you. Simply start by filling out the LinkingHouseQuestionnaire. We will discuss your results with you and match you with a Realtor who is compatible with your personality and communication style. We work with Realtor in many different real estate companies.


Mitra Farzani is the founder and CEO of LinkingHouse Real Estate (LinkingHouse.com) and an award-winning Greater Boston area Realtor, Sales Manager, and VP of business development. Through over a decade of experience in real estate, Mitra Farzani saw a need to remove traditional boundaries in choosing the right real estate agent. Her drive for creative solutions and customer service, led her to founding LinkingHouse.

“We are a full service Real Estate company and will work with you to have the right real estate consultant at your side.”


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