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How Do You Find Your Home

How Do You Find Your Home

There are many ways to approach the home buying process. The modern age of information lets home buyers and sellers educate themselves about the housing market from the comfort of their own homes.

House is Sold - find realtorNational real estate organizations like Zillow have made it easy for savvy buyers to narrow the focus of their search, providing MLS listings organized under a set of detailed search parameters. Though the accuracy of the data is not guaranteed, these sites can help you start the journey off right. You can compare communities to see where homes cost the most with tools like Trulia Heat Map.

The internet is a valuable tool, and the vast majority of buyers — 92%, according to figures compiled by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) — use it when looking to purchase a home.

However, the information available has limitations. Even tech-friendly millennials end up working with a Realtor 90% of the time, slightly more than any other generation of buyers. Smart consumers know that good Realtors give them an edge in homebuying and selling.

Local Expertise

A search engine gives you the facts. But a search engine can’t tell you that a housing development is slated to be built across the street from your home, or that the next town over is sinking millions of dollars into public transportation, a move that will significantly boost property values over the next ten years. It can tell you how the local schools are ranked but not whether your child with ADHD is going to find the right learning environment there.

Knowledgeable Realtors know the community inside and out, and they make decisions based on detailed information, not just general statistics.

Strategic Planning, with an Instinctive Touch

Navigation map with pinsYour Realtor works for you to negotiate the best deal. Years of training and experience make it easier to approach the buying and selling process with success. The right Realtor knows when to be aggressive, and when to take a moment to consider your decisions before making the next move . Real estate negotiations require good instincts and emotional intelligence — qualities a good Realtor has in abundance.

Agents understand how relationship driven the industry is. If you love your Realtor, you are more likely to make a recommendation and return for advice when it’s time to buy or sell again. When you connect with the right Realtor, you are entering a professional relationship that is good for life.

Trust and Advocacy

Linking House Boston Address, Prudential TowerA trusted realtor listens to your concerns and understands the amenities you want. This enables you to view the big picture more easily and streamline the search process so you find the home that is perfect for you.

At LinkingHouse Real Estate you will be connected to a personalized Realtor who can help you get what you need. It is easy to dream big, but the right Realtor knows how to balance dreams with reality. Since buyers are all too often caught up in strong emotions of the process, this steady guidance is invaluable.


Mitra Farzani

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