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Real Estate Technology and the Consumer-Driven Experience

Real Estate Technology and the Consumer-Driven Experience

Where Technology and Real Estate Meet

real estate statisticsThe real estate industry has often been accused of clinging to the traditional rather than embracing new technology. As any business built on personal connections can attest, it is the people who make real estate successful, and the communication built between the parties that leads to the best outcome. Since agents have always valued the connections they create with clients, technological advances that minimized those connections took a backseat to the tried and true.

However, the digital age of email, websites, electronic signatures, and virtual tours have changed the face of real estate, and only those willing to keep up with the times can stay in the game.

Moving into the Present

deal with realtorSome of you may remember those days not long ago when potential home buyers visited the local real estate office to start their journey. Agents would pull out a large book of available listings to browse, then lead buyers from home to home, guiding them through each step of the process.

In this modern age of information, buyers and sellers alike are doing a lot of the work themselves before contacting an agent. They come to the table with far more education about the market and a solid strategy for moving forward.

Yet despite this seeming aversion to traditional methods, 9 out of 10 potential buyers still seek a real estate agent to help them close the deal. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) , while the first step for 43% of potential buyers is to look at properties online, the second step is to find the right Realtor to assist them in navigating the rest of the process. There’s no doubt that consumers are still eager to experience a personal connection when buying a home.

The Downside of Technology

Part of what makes websites like Realtor.com, Trulia, and Zillow popular is that they give shoppers easy access to what’s on the market without any of the uncomfortable sales pressure. From the privacy of their own home buyers can view:

  • House listings
  • Pictures and virtual tours
  • Home amenities
  • Details about neighborhoods
  • Pricing
  • Mortgage estimates
  • Realtor information

Buyers and sellers alike are seeking immediacy and convenience, and listing sites offer it with the simple click of a button. What they don’t offer is guaranteed accuracy. Website hosts may be excellent at marketing, but have little comprehension of the real estate industry itself. Only someone with extensive experience in real estate can help navigate the misinformation that typically plagues real estate listings.

While most sites provide Realtor options, those seeking real estate advice are likely to be paired with whichever agent responds the quickest, or whichever agent is representing the seller. Sites like these, while a helpful tool in the search process, simply do not have the personal touch that makes real estate transactions satisfying and successful.

Bridge the Gapreal estate puzzle

An effective relationship between a home buyer or seller and an agent can make or break a sale. The sales process itself can be frustrating, and the last thing consumers want is to waste time sifting through thousands of available agents for one that fits their needs. The trick is finding the right agent from the beginning who will help bridge the gap between having a goal and crossing the finish line.

A full-service real estate company like LinkingHouse Real Estate offers an immediate connection to Realtors on staff, as well as unrestricted access to agents across the northeast. Using a detailed questionnaire, clients are paired with the agent best able to assist them. An extensive knowledge of the local real estate industry, combined with a personalized and tech-savvy approach, allows LinkingHouse Real Estate to offer a satisfying and comprehensive experience, and point home buyers and sellers in the right direction from the start.



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